About Excelsior Auto Care

Established in 1970, by Mounir ‘Ray’ Kardosh, Excelsior Auto Care started out as a Shell gas station; providing gasoline, automotive service and towing to the neighborhood.  Soon after, the neighborhood's increased need to repair their vehicles outweighed their need for gasoline.  Excelsior Auto Care became exclusively service and towing.  In 2000, Excelsior Auto Care discontinued towing service and became only automotive repair. 



The original Excelsior Auto Care


In 2002, Mounir decided to retire from the automotive service and concentrate solely on his passion of real estate.  He sold Excelsior to his long time employee, Marwan Saba. With the growing need for a larger space, Excelsior Auto Care moved to 2800 Alemany Blvd.  Merging with George’s Brake and Front End, Excelsior Auto Care offered an 8 bay garage and the same excellent service. 

Today, Excelsior Auto Care can service many automotive needs, including: brakes, fluids change, tune ups, scheduled maintenance, timing belts, transmission repair, engine repair/ rebuild, tire service and diagnostic.  At Excelsior Auto Care, we are always using quality parts and providing quality service.


Excelsior Auto Care as it exists today.